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Full Circle: Escape From Baghdad and The Return

December 5, 2005 (Central Islip, NY) – Historical conflicts, persecution and social unrests have always forced people to leave their homeland and move towards uncertainty. And because of these, the search for meaning only becomes more difficult and sometimes impossible. One man however overcame great odds and found meaning at last when he completed his great journey of life, and readers can experience it all by reading author Saul Silas Fathi’s amazing new book Full Circle: Escape From Baghdad and The Return.

Epic in proportion, Full Circle tells the full life journey of the author who witnessed public executions as a young boy and escaped with his Iraqi Jewish family from certain persecution in Iraq during the mid twentieth century. At the age of ten, the author began an ambitious personal journey to find the meaning of life as well as his place in the world. Through the years, he traveled to the newly-formed Israel, to Brazil and eventually to the United States of America and in each country he learned and experienced a lot about life, culture, knowledge and survival. Determined to excel, Saul completed his education, joined the U.S. Army and ultimately he became an American citizen as well as a high-level executive working with Fortune-500 companies.

Aside from his struggles and achievements, Saul’s book explores the depths of man’s search for meaning, which includes his insights about hope, his Sephardic Jewish heritage, the impacts of 9/11 and the Gulf War, identity crisis, and more. Readers will be astonished with the great content involving culture, history, people, education and society as seen through Saul’s eyes. Not to be outdone however is the focus on the culture and the contribution of Sephardic Jews to the world.

Richly-layered and very detailed, Full Circle: Escape From Baghdad and The Return is a fascinating book about human achievement, cultural expression, philosophy and life which should attract a wide range of readers, including immigrants, educators, historians and even politicians. Author Saul Silas Fathi has indeed crafted a book that will be irresistible to find at your local libraries and bookstores! This is an essential read!

Full Circle: Escape From Baghdad and The Return can be purchased directly from Saul’s web site, or by calling him at (631) 232-1638. The book is also available for sale through the major online booksellers, and Feel free to e-mail the author at for further information.